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Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 10:15 AM
Subject: Breif report of research from Transport and planning department of TUDelft

Dear Mr. Harrie fruyt van hertog:

On behalf of Mr. Peter van der Vlist and Mr. Kees Landman, who are terrific techinicians of Transport department, I would like to thank you for your concern about our research and I will give a brief report about what we were doing on 18th Nov at Krakeelpolderweg and Papsouwselaan, as you required.

In previous studies, a model was developed to estimate travel time on urban road in very short time intervals, the idea of which was to simulate the condition when GPS tools are equipped on the vehicle as it reports the position and speed of that vehicle every one minutes or shorter. In the model, it gave a probability algorithem to calculate the possible delay for the vehicles that not only focus on specific roads but aim to be generic for most road networks. As the model was tested and modified by simulation software using generated data, we would like to know if it works with real data. In a word, to test its validity.

To obtain data, we chose to do road side observation with two synchronized cameras at a road stretch with intersection in between. The reasons were that possibilities of experiencing delays near intersections are large and mostly the largest ones during trips; secondly we needed long observing distance and two cameras could make it clearly and feasible to see how much time it takes for vehicles to pass certain two spots before and after the intersection. One camera was installed on the top of our van at 200 meters north of the intersection, and the other was located at the parking lot of Fire department of Delft on its second floor. Then we put red triangle marks at the road side to record the distance. The whole observation took about 2 hours and we met quite a few kind people in between, who were very interested in seeing us doing strange things, one of which I believe was you or your colleague.

That was the whole summary. It was a very successful observation. The research is still going on and may last for a quite while.   

Thank you for your time and Best regards.

Thank you for your time and Best regards.

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